Vandana Menon is a film maker, inter disciplinary visual artist & dramaturge based in Bangalore, India. 

Her work ranges from documentaries, & experimental films to live visual performances. She works with video, sound, animations and interactive technology. Her work as a visual artist pushes structural and technological boundaries creating multiple, even interactive narratives with image & sound. Across the sub-continent, in London, Istanbul, Germany and South Africa, she has worked on several multi disciplinary collaborations with film-makers, musicians and dancers, architects and software engineers.


Alternative paradigms of development, human rights, oral histories, arts and culture and rights based conservation of the ecology and environment are some of the spaces she explores through her films as well as the performing arts

She has worked with organisations such as ATREE, Kalpavriksh,  LPPS,  Keystone Foundation, North East Network, NABARD etc while working at Srishti Films. She has also collaborated with contemporary artists such as Abhishek Majumdar, Sulk Station, BLOT, Archana Kumar & Malavika Sarukkai. 


She was one of the contributors for the book Silicon Plateau: Volume Two; an art project and publishing series which explores the intersection of technology, culture and society in the Indian city of Bangalore.


Her work as a visual designer for #supernova, an experimental interactive play commissioned by the Human Trade Network, Germany premiered at the Human Trade Network Meeting at Freiburg Theatre in June 2017.

In 2011, she was chosen for the BLOT Old Delhi New Media Fellowship composed of 12 independent artists, designers, urban thinkers, film makers, musicians and performers, who over 5 days of immersion in Old Delhi, had the task of creating a new performance piece.

Her collaboration an experimental feature length film, Dark Fibre featuring Noam Chomsky was funded by the UK Film Council. It premiered at the Abandon Normal Devices Festival in 2010 in Liverpool, England. 


She was faculty at the Srishti Manipal Institute of Technology between 2017-2021. She has conducted film making and theatre workshops across the country and for NYU, Abu Dhabi.